Raffle Ticket Fundraising

Raffle fundraising is probably one of the easiest activities to implement, and one of the most rewarding financially if done well. A raffle is a competition where people buy numbered tickets and each one has a chance of winning a prize. At a pre-determined date, the winning tickets are drawn from a bucket, and each person with the corresponding ticket wins a certain prize. A raffle usually has one major prize, then a number of minor prizes, however different raffle ideas can vary.

The prizes can be purchased the raffle so make sure you include this in your budget. Obviously all the money you make after the prizes are paid for will be total profit. It is important to organise high quality prizes to maximise the likelihood of people buying tickets.

When undertaking raffle fundraising it is also important to select prizes that will be relevant to your sales targets. For example, if you are selling most raffle tickets to senior citizens you don’t want first prize to be a sky diving lesson. Know your audience, and ensure the prizes suit the raffle buyers.

Raffle Ideas For Prizes

Here are a list of prizes that may be suitable for your raffle:

  • Holidays -most people love to travel but find it hard to afford it. The chance of getting a free roundtrip airfare is very enticing for people.
  • Electronics -always popular, you could choose from dvd players, hifi systems, coffee machines and big screen TVs
  • Gift Certificates – these are always easy to get donated as a raffle prize and the best place to target is retail outlets such as JB Hi-Fi, KMart and even local restaurants
  • Cars – getting a new car donated as a raffle prize will ensure thousands of tickets are sold
  • Bookings – organising a booking to an event or function as a prize is fun and usually you can get businesses of any size to donate to the raffle, since they will get extra exposure. Some of my favourites include tickets to the footy or a boat cruise on the Yarra for you and your mates.

If you choose to use a professional raffle organisation, they can ensure the prize partners are well known and trusted brands that will give people confidence in your fundraising efforts. For highly recommended raffle ideas take a look at community spirit fundraising and their various raffle packages. Everyone needs a holiday so giving them a chance to win won to a beautiful warm location will maximise your chances of selling many raffle tickets.

You might also be able to find a company to offer trade services as a prize. Depending on the size of the raffle, these could include kitchen renovation, outdoor decking installation, or bathroom overhaul. Peter White offers all these services as well as building new homes which may be TOO big a prize for a company to offer. But speaking to the companies and seeing what they are prepared to put forward for your raffle is what makes it happen. Note: Peter White is just an example of a company, and don’t necessarily offer themselves as part of a raffle prize. A business might decide to offer $5,000 of renovation work, and the winner can get up to the amount, and pay the difference for anything greater they may want.

Smaller prizes can also be enticing, especially if you get lots of them, to increase people’s chances of winning something, and thus their likelihood to get involved and buy a ticket. Getting people to donate things in return for promoting themselves can help greatly in securing items for the raffle without spending money.