Getting A Loan

Sometimes it can be helpful to get a financial loan in order to pay for club activities or help finance the fundraising investment. Be sure to do your calculations to make sure the money you make will outweigh the money you borrow.

It is usually worth getting a major sponsor to provide you with funds, but if you need to borrow money, here are a good list of reputable financial institutions:

Pepper Online - a non-bank lender with a can do attitude

Fuss Free Finance - exceptional service and fast approvals

Bendigo Bank - bigger company with a personal touch when it comes to lending

They will be able to get you the best possible rate, and ensure the terms are suitable for your club or organisation.

Before organising a loan, though, it could be worth seeing if your lender is open to the idea of sponsorship themselves. If you are in a local community and your organisation will be getting some exposure, the financial institution might be interested in giving you the money in return for promotion. This may include as a naming rights sponsor, putting up branding, wearing clothing with logos, or ensuring your members use their services.

The best thing to do is try!