The main problems with traditional club fundraising activities are they are time consuming, unhealthy (sending mixed messages to our children) and require a large number of volunteers with regular support.

Our Plan…

To create long term sustainable income for your club by providing a unique new opportunity to increase club finances.

  • Increase health and vitality of members
  • Increase fund generating
  • Decrease fundraising activities
  • More time for Members & Volunteers to focus on other important activities
  • Full Support System
  • Health Education and awareness for our future generations

Need other club fundraising ideas?

Sometimes it can be difficult to see the “fun” side of fundraising, and come up with an idea for your club or organisation that is enjoyable and helps you make money. Generally, a club is an association of people with a specific interest so it can be good to do a club fundraiser that utilises your common interests. For example if you are a car enthusiasts club, you might want to do a car wash. If you’re a cycling group, you may want to organise a charity ride, or race day.

The important thing is to do something that everyone will be passionate about. That way, the whole team who is striving to make the money will be giving it their all and increasing your chances of success. Other “fun” fundraising ideas include a karaoke night, slave auction, dress up night, garage sale, fun run and cinema night.

There are hundreds of fundraising ideas to help you raise money for your club or team. With a little planning, forethought and committment from the whole club, you will be able to reach your financial goal.

On top of just fundraising, a club might look at direct sponsorship. And it doesn’t even have to be a money donation. A business could provide goods or services in return for being promoted by the club. For example, a local business might donate their curtains to the clubrooms to help decorate the interior or new chairs or other equipment.
Case studies:
Curtains from Royal Crest to a local Melbourne footy team
Tables from Matt Blatt to a political groups north shore rooms
A magic show from Nicholas J Johnson to any adult club or team

Sport Fundraising

There are numerous sport fundraising ideas to help your team or club raise money. Whether you are looking to generate money for an end of season trip, new club rooms or some fancier uniforms, there are plenty of fundraiser activities to try.

As with the club fundraiser ideas, it is always fun to raise money with your specific sport in mind. So for a football club, you might want to organise a footy tipping competition. Another idea is a raffle, and make the prizes related to footabll. For example first prize might be 2 tickets to the AFL grand final, and minor prizes could include a framed footy poster or a football.

Piggy-backing your club event can also be a great way to get money. This involves aligning your event with a well known event in your sport. For example, a soccer team might have a World Cup party, a footy team might have a grand final trivia night, or even a xmas or easter function can help drive a bigger crowd to your event. Hold the function at your club rooms, provide food, and hire a big screen to show off the action and encourage more people to come. Sport fundraising is that easy.